Friday, October 9, 2009

Web Cam Problems

Well I'm sorry to say that my webcam has failed looks like this time I'll need to get a new one rather than trying to keep making this one work.

Not sure when a new one will be back up and running.

Watch the Blog for any updates.



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  1. Steve, My name is Joe Clark and I still have my 30 ft sailboat in the water at Gratitude marina. Having access to your weather station website has helped me significantly when we have these days of bad weather. Even though the forcasts are calling for unusually high winds..I can see from your website that the direction and velocity of the winds are not currently threatening our boat in its slip. In fact, as long as they are coming from the East (NE, E, or SE) there will be very little effect where the boat is sitting. Thank you for maintaining your site..I check it often.